Stylish streamline "safety" body.   Elegant chromium mascot.   Bumpers front and rear.   Sunshine roof.   Adjustable front seats.   Draughtless Ventilation operated by winder.  Built-in, self-cancelling Direction Indicators.   Dual electric screen-wipers fitted at bottom of screen.   Adjustable wide-vision wind-screen opening right out and easily operated by single-point-control.   New style Instrument panel with indirect and controllable illumination, mounting large dial speedometer, petrol gauge, oil gauge, and clock.   Two large cubby boxes in dash.   Recessed door handles.   Interior Sun Vizor.   Driving Mirror.   Safety glass throughout.   Capacious Luggage Compartment behind rear seat squab.   Side arm-rests to rear seat.   Parcel Rack.   Pillar Pulls.   Roof Lamp.   Ashtrays to rear compartment.   Rear Blind operated from driver's seat.   Pile Carpet.   All plated parts are chromium.

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