1.–Plus-power engine developing 33 b.h.p.   2.–Box-girder chassis frame, six times as strong, weight for weight, as old channel system.   3.–All synchro, easy change, 4-speed gearbox.   4.–Comfort-control steeering.  Column raked for mastery under all conditions.   5.–Scientific valve port and inlet pipe design.   6.–High compression cylinder head for increased performance and economy.   7.–Zenith downdraft carburettor with large air-cleaner and silencer.   8.–"Cushioned power"–vibration eliminator.   9.–Super cooled 14 mm. plugs.   10.–Needle roller bearing propeller shaft.   11.–Weldless rear axle casing, giving silence and long life.   12.–Giant low pressure tyres (Dunlop "90", 5.25 in. section).   13.–Easy-to-clean steel wheels.   14.–Aero-foil fan of special design.   15.–Duo-Servo, 4-wheel brakes, smooth and progressive.   16.–Wide base, vari-load road springs, adjust themselves automatically to suit varying loads and speeds.   17.–The battery is housed beneath the bonnet for safety and accessibility.

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