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Our members and their cars, trucks & magazines :

Barry Guy's 1955 Commer Superpoise truck

David Watson's 1948 Commer truck ("the trook")

David Watson's 1935 Hillman catalogue and 1936 Hillman catalogue  

Gerald Uppill's 1935 Hillman Minx

photo pending Kevin & Lyn Hunter's Hillman Minx Series V

Rosslyn & Robert Brown's 1955 Hillman Minx Mk. VIII

Gavin Dowling's 1963 Hillman Super Minx

Brian Vogt – the full Hillman story
Brian's Minx Series IIIC Australian De Luxe (ADL)
(previously owned by Ern and Elva Broughton – see below for Ern's story)

Brian Vogt's 1962 Minx sales brochures

Stuart Lisk's Minx series IIIA Custom – the story of its development.

December 2002 update – Engine description and photo; external changes.

Barry & Joyce Hall's 1966 Hillman Gazelle

Robert Tavener's 1966 Hillman Gazelle sales brochure

1954 Royal Visit Humber Super Snipes
from the souvenir book collection of Brian Vogt.

Vehicles that have left the club :

Bill Waite's epic journeys in his 1949 Minx Sedan

Peter & Pauline Ford’s 1913 Hillman 8.9 horsepower

Peter and Margaret Tavener's 1937 Minx and Minx Series IIIA

Ern and Elva Broughton's Humber Vogue
Ern and Elva's previous Hillman: Minx Series IIIC Australian De Luxe
and the one before that: 1938 Minx Magnificent Sedan

Russell & Beverley Gill's 1966 Hillman Minx Series VI

Ian and Brenda Kitto's
1966 Hillman Gazelle and 1963 Hillman Minx ADL

Interesting old photos of Hillman Imps
from the family of John Lemm.

Hillman Imp feature article in 1967 Wheel-Spin magazine
from the collection of John Lemm and used with permission from SCCSA & Bob Jennings.

David & Michele Coatsworth’s 1968 Hillman GT
and 1962 Husky Series II

Other interesting vehicles :

1935 Hillman Twenty-70 Limousine
owned by Mariano Bianchi in Argentina.

1948 Hillman Minx
previously owned by Lorraine and Vic Colwell.

Commer TS3 Two Stroke Diesel Engine with animation.
Page written by Nick Webster and previously presented at www.thcoachwork.dsl.pipex.com .
Used here with his permission.

Commer TS3 Truck and Engine at the Greenock Aviation Museum.

1927 Hillman "fourteen" sedan
previously owned by Eric Kelly.

Neil Yeomans and his 1959 Hillman Husky Series I ("the Husk" – no longer owned by him)

1956 Mk VIII Hillman Ute previously owned by Ken Kite.
The full story.

Spike, the Imp-engined Bond 875 of Chris Levingston and Lesley Dellar-Levingston

Scott Allen's 1972 Hillman Hunter 660 GT

John McRae's Hunters

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