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This thread is about "resleeving" hydraulic cylinders – brake master & wheel cylinders and clutch master & slave cylinders.  When a cylinder becomes unuseable due to pitting (corrosion), the only solution (apart from replacement) is to have a sleeve fitted.  A resleeved cylinder is not subject to corrosion like a new (aluminium) one, and stainless steel doesn't wear out.  Depending on your supplier, resleeving might also be cheaper than a new item, and it's certainly easier to find.
There's a continuing debate as to whether brass or stainless steel is the better material.  White Post Restorations (mentioned in our Links page) specialise in brass, and give a lifetime warranty on the cylinder (including rubber seals).

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I was looking for a resleever for my Panhard and Traction Avant Citroens, and when I spoke with White Post people about the Panhard, I was treated poorly, as though they didn't want to deal with such an oddball job, so I went to Brake & Equipment Supply co. advertizing in Hemmings – in Minneapolis.  They use stainless, and other people I've spoken with have had trouble with the brass sleeves that white post uses, and since brass is so soft compared to stainless, and the thermal expansion rates of brass and iron/steel are different that hot brakes might lead to loosening problems over the years, I elected to go with B&E, and they did an excellent job for the same price as everyone else, and further, you can TALK with their shop people directly, which I greatly appreciate, and they can find a match for just about any size seal or boot, for clutch or brake cyls, and with stainless you can forget about corrosion of course for the life of the car.  Master cyls are $60, and wheel cyls $40.00.  Just my experience.....

Ken in Detroit area

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FYI, I have had a full set of brake cylinders redone in stainless for over six (6) years in a 48 Studebaker with no problems.

Bud Brick

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