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Conditional Registration in South Australia
Clubs, Associations, Groups, Registers
Personal pages
Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia
From the National Archives of Australia
Hillmans in museums
Non-British Hillman manufacturers
Hillmans in the movies
Old Rootes advertisements
Modern newspaper & magazine articles
Scale model car vendors and collections
Book and brochure vendors
Storage tips for classic cars
Metric–Imperial unit conversion
Online manuals, bulletins & chassis no. references
Parts and restoration

Conditional Registration in South Australia:
Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs of SA Inc.

S.A. Govt. website
Contains the Code Of Practice & method of applying for Conditional Registration Scheme for Historic Vehicles etc.

Check Registration Expiry Date

Clubs, Associations, Groups, Registers:
Hillman Owners Club of Australia  (New South Wales, Australia)

IMP Register Australia

Hillman Owners Club  (U.K.)

The Imp Club forum  (U.K.)
The Imp Club – Mercia Area  (North West England)

Hillman Avenger Club of Ireland

Humber Hillman Car Club of New Zealand

Humber Car Club of Victoria

Post Vintage Humber Car Club  (UK)

Singer Owners' Club  (U.K.)

Association of Singer Car Owners  (U.K.)

North American Singer Owners Club

Rootes Group Car Club of Victoria  (Australia)

Rootes Group Car Club of Queensland Inc
(Formerly the Humber Car Club of Queensland)

Rootes Club of Belgium

Rootes Danmark

Rootes Club Nederland

Rootes Car Club Norway

Rootes Car Club Sweden

The Association of Rootes Car Clubs  (U.K.)

Rootes Archive Centre  (U.K.)
Complete archives of the Rootes Engineering Dept.

The Supreme Sunbeam  (owners clubs of Queensland & South Australia)
Their old photos of Rootes factory at Fishermen's Bend in Melbourne
and Rootes paint color codes

Sunbeam Clubs' Rootes Group Club Directory

Sunbeam Car Club Of Victoria

Sunbeam Car Club Of New Zealand

Sunbeam Canada
"Home of the Rootes Group Canada"

Sunbeam Club de France

Classic Sunbeam & Rootes de France

Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register (STAR)  (UK)

Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club  (UK)

Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club  (UK)

Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America

Tigers East / Alpines East  (eastern half USA)

Tigers United  –  links to Sunbeam Tiger Clubs

Sunbeam Tiger Owners Association  (USA)

e-mail to: Pacific Tiger Club   (western USA/Canada)
Actually an all-Rootes club (Sunbeams, Hillmans, Commers, ...).
Pacific Tiger Club  group at Yahoo

International Registry of Sunbeam Tigers

Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club  (UK)

Sunbeam Rapier Registry  (all of North America)

Avenger & Sunbeam Owners Club  (UK)

Commer Club Nederland

The Road Transport Fleet Data Society
Follow the links to various brand names (Hillman, Humber, Commer, ...)

Personal pages:
What's a Hillman?  (Martin DeWitt – USA)
continuing the late Doug Bragg's admired personal website

The Series Minx Pages  (Alan Miles – Richmond, B.C., Canada)

Rootes brochures & car photo sets
Flickr album of Vic Hughes (Canberra, Australia)

Rootes-Chrysler.co.uk  (Keith Adams, UK)

Ken Young's 1939 Hillman 14 Deluxe Saloon  (N.S.W., Australia)

The Hillman "16"  (Alec Morley, Hampshire, England)
by a fan of the 1936-1937 Hillman Sixteen, Hillman Hawk and Hillman 80

Rhuari Hannan's Hillmans  (Launceston, Tasmania, Australia)

Andy's Hillman Home Page  (Andy Murkin – U.K.)

1929 Hillman Fourteen & Hillman Straight 8  (Anthony Taylor – Brisbane, Queensland)
New and historic pictures, and original specification drawings in pdf format.

The Hillman Hunter web pages of John F. McRae  (South Australia)

Colin McCormick's Hillman Avenger Site  (Plymouth, Devon, England)

Hillman advertising brochures in Phil Seed's Virtual Car Museum

Hillman, Sunbeam and Singer cars  (Clewits family – Groesbeek, The Netherlands)

Commer Cob  (Per Jacobsen – Norway)

David Garn's Singer Bantam Garage

1958 Prototype Sunbeam Alpine  (John Willshire – London, UK)

A Collection of Sunbeam-Talbots  (Bob Hamilton – Canada)

Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine Sports  (Bill Spear – USA)

Mark Olson's Classic Tiger Website

Bob Hokanson's improved Sunbeam Tiger

Sunbeam Rapier Series II restoration blog  (Marc Olivares – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

Hillman Imp – Poor man's Porsche 911  (Holland)

Frank Schoenberger's Imp Ute  (Queensland, Australia)

1961 Humber Super Snipe Series III  (Kev Warburton – Western Australia)

Commer Q4 military mobile workshop  (REME Museum, Berkshire, U.K.)

Cars of the Rootes Group  (T.J. Higgins)

Dion Fluttert  (the Netherlands)

1936 Minx Magnificent  (Andy Lucas – England)

Wizard Classics UK  (Peter Chadbund – Bucks, U.K.)

1944 Hillman Staff Car (Ex RAF Evanton)  (Graham McIntosh)
at the Scottish Military Vehicle Group website

2nd North American Hillman Gathering  (Craig Burlingame, Washington state, USA)
Held in Seattle, Washington state, USA   25-27 July 2008,
attended by several members of the HillmanCars internet group.

1973 Plymouth Cricket  (Just A Car Geek)

Howard Pettigrew's Commer Connections  (NZ)

Hillman info in Wikipedia

        Wikipedia is a modern, free encyclopaedia with over 2 million articles including these:

                Hillman – a brief history

                Hillman models (index to pages for Avenger, Hunter, Husky, Imp, Minx, Paykan)

                Rootes – a brief history
                (contains links to Humber, Singer, Sunbeam, Talbot, Commer)

From the National Archives of Australia

        First, 2 samples of what can be found:
                Final assembly block of Rootes Ltd., Fishermans Bend (Port Melbourne), 1945
                Humber Super Snipe Mk IV in Redex Trial, 1959

        To search, begin by clicking here: Search at the National Archives
then click on Begin your Search, then click on the PhotoSearch tab.
Here are some good searches :
                Search for:  Rootes as All words
                Search for:  Roots Ltd as All words 
(yes, bad spelling)
                Search for:  L18545 as Image number 
(another Humber Super Snipe Mk IV)
                Search for:  Hillman as All words
                Search for:  Humber car as All words
                Search for:  Humber cars as All words
                ("Location" refers to where the photo print is currently filed, not the subject matter).

        Also this c.1920 photo in the National Library of Australia pictures collection.

Hillmans in musems:
Hillman in articles at the Coventry Transport Museum :
Hillman Motor Co.
William Hillman
Chrysler U.K.
Coventry Machinists Co.
Coventry Premier
George Singer
Haynes & Jefferis
Humber Company
James Starley
Premier Cycle Co.
Singer Cycle and Motor Companies

Non-British Hillman manufacturers:
Sunbeam Venezia, a joint project of Rootes and Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, Italy:
Bonhams auction in 2007

Paykan Bardo pick-up  (Iran Khodro website)
"Paykan" is the Farsi word for "arrow."  The pickup truck is now the only
remaining model with a body styled from the Hillman Arrow range of cars.

Paykan entry in Wikipedia

Paykan Hunter blog

Tehran: The Paykan  (the Stanley Foundation)

Paykan production terminated on 15 May 2005, after a model run of 38 years:
The Guardian article
Melbourne Age article
BBC News article

Paykan production line sold to Sudan (Sept-Oct 2006):
Payvand's Iran News article
Sudan Vision article

Paykan jokes

1960 Isuzu Hillman Minx PH300  (Toyota Museum)

Isuzu Hillman Minxes  (Andy Murkin)

Isuzu Hillman Minx Photos  collected by Vic Hughes

1960 Isuzu Hillman Minx brochure  (Vic Hughes)

1962 Isuzu Hillman Minx brochure  (Vic Hughes)

Hillmans in the movies:
Internet Movie Cars Database

When you've finished clicking on those sets of Hillmans, go to
the Home page and select Commer, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam, Talbot

Old Rootes advertisements – Lee Herman's MOPAR Page:
1967 Sunbeam Arrow

1967 Sunbeam Alpine V

Modern newspaper & magazine articles:
Hillman Heaven  (Waikato Times 28/11/2013)

"Hillman dreams come to fruition"   (Times Newspapers, New Zealand)
John & Jean Harris and their Hillman Minx Series IIIA convertible

Motorbase  overview of the Hillman brand and every Hillman model

Motorbase  sorted by engine type, and includes other Rootes brands

HillMan Motor Cars  (The Auto Channel)

Chrysler Europe, 1964-1985  (Allpar)
with several links to their histories of the various car models –
Hillman Avenger & Tiger, Plymouth Cricket, Chrysler Sunbeam, ...

Paykan Taxis  Newspaper article in The Iranian (USA) Nov. 1995

In Iran, the chariot of choice probably has no seatbelt
Newspaper article in The Monitor (USA)

Unique Cars and Parts: Hillman

Unique Cars and Parts: Sunbeam

Unique Cars and Parts: Lost Marques: Sunbeam

Unique Cars and Parts: Lost Marques: Talbot

Unique Cars and Parts: Humber Super Snipe

Loewy's left-field take on design greats
More about Raymond Loewy
A pair of blogs about Raymond Loewy whose company styled 1950s Minx & Rapier bodies

Photo of a 1964 Commer TS3 truck – 3 cylinder two stroke diesel

automarkhistory.com: Hillman (Russian language)

2006 closure of the Ryton factory – interview with ex-workers
(The Birmingham Post)

2006 closure of the Ryton factory – an editorial on the future
(The Independent, UK)

86 year old man sells his 1939 Hillman (Daily Mail, UK)

86 year old man sells his 1939 Hillman (Telegraph.co.uk)

1939 Hillman car sold for £2,900 (Mirror.co.uk News)

Scale model car vendors and collections:
Corgi/Lledo/Vanguards  – manufacturer (Leicester, England)
Also search for Hillman while you're there.
Can be more expensive than the dealers, but sometimes has special prices.

Collectiques  – retailer (Canterbury, England)
Enter Hillman in the search field.

McLaren Models  – retailer (Falkirk, Scotland )

HobbyLink Japan  – retailer (Japan)
Tomica model (1:64) of the Isuzu Hillman Minx.  Also a red one.

Christian Decroly  – collector (Belgium)
Also click on the Hillman button at the bottom.

Book and brochure vendors:
Mail to Nairn Hindhaugh , Mountain Motor Books
P.O. Box 301, Coorparoo, Queensland, 4151, Australia.   Phone (07) 3397 6845
Automotive books, Workshop manuals, Technical books, Marque histories, Sales literature bought and sold.

Pitstop Bookshop  (Perth, Western Australia)
Motoring Books, DVDs, Videos & Workshop Manuals

Vintage Motorshop  bookshop (West Yorkshire, UK)
Scarce and collectable motoring and motor racing books

AddALL  – search engine for used and out-of-print books

BookFinder.com  book search tool

Abebooks.com  book search tool

and a warning about the brazen spammer McLellan's who previously had a free
advert here.  They don't read clear instructions about what you want or don't want.
Storage tips for classic cars:
How to Store a Car  ("wikiHow)

10 Tips for Long-Term Classic Car Storage  (BuyClassicCars.com)

Motorcycle Storage
Yes, a motorcycle has fuel, oil, an engine and bodywork.  All of these tips are relevant to cars.

Also refer to our Technical Tips page  – opinions from the internet discussion list

Metric–Imperial unit conversion:
Calculator, a standard app built into Windows 10,
includes several unit conversion modes.
Click on the Options icon (top left) and select
one of the modes, e.g. Volume.  You might need
to scroll down that list to find more modes.

Science Made Simple, Inc.  (calculator)

OnlineConversion.com  (calculator)

Freie Universitδt Berlin  (calculator)

Online manuals, bulletins & chassis no.:
Rootes Service Bulletins  (T.J. Higgins)

Chassis Numbers for Rootes Passenger Cars  (T.J. Higgins/Chris McGovern)

Chassis Numbers for Series Minx & Husky  (Andy Murkin)

Al Savage's Hillman manuals
"The purpose isn't to make manuals available for distribution,
but to allow people to add notes to any manual's page"

Rootes 1725cc Series Light Car Range  (Workshop Manual)

Borg-Warner 35 automatic transmission
Cut-away views, exploded view and schematic diagram

Borg-Warner 35 automatic transmission  (almost 8 MB)
Borg Warner version of the workshop manual

Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual  (2.4 MB)

Lucas (Prince of Darkness) jokes

Parts and restoration:
  Please note:  The suppliers mentioned below (and above) have been discussed by the HillmanCars Group or the former Hillman List – and (in most cases) were recommended by satisfied customers.  You might wish to read a Discussion Thread on this subject.
Nobody got into this list by recommending themselves.

Power Brakes (SA)  – (Adelaide, Australia)
Stainless steel sleeved hydraulic cylinders (and everything else).

PowerTrack  – (UK)
Mail order only supplier of Lockheed & Girling brake & clutch components.
They also have steering & suspension parts.

Brake & Equipment Warehouse  – stainless steel re-sleeves  (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

White Post Restorations  – brass re-sleeves  (Virginia, USA)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Brake Plumbing,
but Were Afraid to Ask

About Oil Viscosity & Film Thickness  – from Penrite

Ryco Filters  (air, oil & fuel filters – Melbourne, Australia)
This is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for 1950s-1970s Rootes vehicles in Australia.

FRAM oil filters  (Conn., USA)

e-mail to Grippy Rubber Products
21 Brodie Street, Rydalmere, NSW 2116, Australia.
Phone (02) 9898 9688.   Fax (02) 9898 3636.

Scott's Old Auto Rubber  (Melbourne, Australia)
Select Hillman in the left column.

Metro Moulded Parts Inc.  (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Rubber bumpers and strip for the bonnet, and various generic seals to suit a Husky.

Antique Tyres  (West Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia)

Classic Fasteners  (Welland, SA, Australia)
Nuts, bolts, washers etc. for old vehicles.

Coker Tire  (Chattanooga, TN, USA)
Vintage, antique and classic collector vehicle tires and wheels.

Ex-pressed Steel Panels  – body panel manufacturer (West Yorkshire, UK)

e-mail to J W Classic Car Parts   (Jim Withers)
Lot 4, Chandlers Lane, P.O. Box 360, Kilsyth, Victoria 3137, Australia.
Phone (03) 9762 2862.   Mobile phone 0411 088 342.
Jim is a member of the HillmanCars discussion group,
and has a reputation for being very friendly, helpful and affordable.

Australian Hillman Hunter parts  (Central Coast, NSW, Australia)
Southern Hemi Media company – deals in Chrysler Valiant & Hunter parts

SA Auto Instrument Repairs  (Strathalbyn, South Australia)
Don Eldred does a good job fixing various types of auto instruments.
Land line phone numbers are invalid – remove the leading 0.  Area code is (08)
Does mail orders.  Visit only by appointment, Monday-Friday.

Automotive Surplus  (Mitcham, Victoria, Australia)
Parts supplier.  All vehicle types, all brands.

e-mail to Auto Spares Galore   (incorporating Hillman Spares and Repairs)
924 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully, Victoria 3156, Australia.
Phone (03) 9758 3644.   Fax (03) 9758 9835.

RSP Australia (Rare Spares)  – parts manufacturer and supplier (Victoria, Australia)

Bowden Engine Parts  – parts supplier (Mangonui, Northland, New Zealand)
Good range of spares for lots of different makes.  Can get stuff on request.

Alpine West Midlands Ltd.  – parts supplier (West Midlands, UK)

Speedy Spares Services Ltd.  – parts supplier (East Sussex, UK)
Incorporating the former R.J.Grimes

Sunbeam Supreme  – Alpine & Tiger parts supplier (UK)

Paul Beck's Vintage Supplies Ltd  – parts supplier (Norwich, UK)
Helpful in finding generic window rubbers to suit 1930s Hillmans etc.

AM Classical Car Accessories  – parts supplier (Birmingham, UK)
Reproduction Hillman Minx Hub Caps

Woolies Trim  – trim, upholstery, fittings (Peterborough, UK)

Reg Patten Engines  – Imp race engines (Surrey, UK)
Full catalog of Imp engine parts.

Malcolm Anderson the Imp Specialist  – Imp parts supplier (Somerset, UK)

RootesGroup.com  – cars and parts for sale (Isle of Sheppey in Kent, UK)

Dellow Automotive  – (NSW, Australia)
Bellhousing to adapt Toyota 5-speed gearbox to Rootes engine.  Find Sunbeam in the catalogue.

Speedograph Richfield Ltd  – gauges & cables (Nottingham, UK)

Rootes Post vintage Spares (Arnoud Malherbe) – Rootes parts supplier (Nederland)
Don't be fooled by the small webshop.  The warehouse is huge.

Import Auto Supply  – parts supplier (San Bernardino, California, USA)
run by Linden Malki, who is a member of the HillmanCars discussion group.
Always very friendly and helpful.  Tremendous technical knowledge.

Victoria British Ltd.  – Sunbeam parts supplier (Kansas, USA)

Sunbeam Specialties, Inc.  – Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger parts supplier (California, USA)

Classic Sunbeam Auto Parts  – Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger parts supplier (NY state, USA)

The Sunbeam Spares Company  – Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger parts supplier (Leadgate, Co. Durham, UK)

Obsolete Automotive  – (Ontario, Canada)
British sportscar restoration, maintenance, performance improvement

Moss Motors  – (CA and NJ, USA)
Parts for Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Austin Healey.
(Several brake parts for MG are identical to those for Hillman and Sunbeam)

 body repairs, painting equipment and training videos (USA)

Kip Motor Company  – parts supplier (Texas, USA)
There have been some adverse customer reports about their prices and rubber products,
with moulds being made from shrunken original parts.  Click here to read more.

World Wide Auto Parts of Madison, Inc.  – general parts supplier (Madison WI, USA)
Peter is their Rootes parts specialist.

Robbins Auto Top Company  – convertible tops (Oxnard, California, USA)
Click on the "European and Japanese" pull-down,
then select Hillman Minx, Singer or Sunbeam from the list.

Classic and Vintage Bulbs  (Adelaide, South Australia)
Classic Car Lighting Specialists.  Well respected dealer and distributor.

Vintage Wiring Harness  (Ringwood, Victoria, Australia)
For Minx, Californian, Husky 1935-1956.  Not for Series Minx.

Auto Sparks classic vehicle wiring   (Nottingham, UK)
Properly designed for a wide range of British and European cars.   Looks original.

Painless Performance Products universal wiring harnesses   (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Spark-Plugs.co.uk  – (Chester CH1 3YB, UK)
Everything you need to know about spark plugs.  NGK, Denso, Champion, Beru.
Model name decoder charts, brand cross-references, FAQ and more.

Simonbbc Ignition Solutions – (Bromsgrove, Worcs B61 7DG, UK)
New electronic distributors, electronic coils & related items.

PerTronix Performance Products ignition systems – (California, USA)

Retro Rockets – distributor of PerTronix Ignition Systems (Norfolk, CT, USA)
For Rootes 1725cc: Part no. D070600 and coil part no. 45011.
A lot cheaper than buying in Australia.

Gower & Lee  – new carburettors, spares and rebuild service (Watford, UK)
and their index to exploded diagrams

Pierce Manifolds Inc.  – (Gilroy, California, USA)
and their index to Weber exploded views.
Distributor of Weber carburettors & linkages.  Intake manifold manufacturer.

Marty Enterprises of Oregon  – (Gales Creek, Oregon, USA)
Rebuilding and re-manufacturing parts for British cars.  Good with carburettors.

JP Pistons  – pistons for old engines (Adelaide, Australia)
Many Hillman models listed (1930s-1970s), including oversize.  Also custom-made.

Crow Cams  – (Victoria, Australia)
Camshafts and valve train components, custom camshaft grinding

Delta Camshaft  – (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
Custom camshaft grinding & repairs.  Interesting technical info here.
They have numerous proven camshaft profiles for Sunbeam and Hillman cars.

Crane Cams  – (Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)
Performance camshafts and valve train components

POR-15  – rust preventive paint (New Jersey, USA)
Several products for different applications, including fuel tanks.

Car Console Supplies Pty Ltd.  – (Sydney, Australia)
Centre floor console for Hillman Hunter Safari.

Pearlcraft Steering Wheels  – (Victoria, Australia)
Steering wheel restoration service.  Very expensive.

Autocables  – cables for speedo, accelerator, etc. (Melbourne, Australia)
Also rear window shades, sun visors (above the windscreen), weather shields (for driver's window).

Lionel Otto Instruments  – (Queensland, Australia)
Automotive instrument restoration

Key Men  – (Monroe, NY, USA)
Key blanks for classic motor vehicles

British Car Keys  – (Ellicott City, MD, USA)

Rootes Archive Centre Trust  – (Westcott, Aylesbury, Bucks, England)
has some Rootes keys for sale

Flying Dutchman Water Pumps  – (Selma, OR, USA)

Doug Bragg / Martin DeWitt spares links

Sunbeam Clubs' spares links


To get the phone number (and possibly address) of a company or person in Australia, use the
Sensis White Pages     or     Sensis Yellow Pages

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