1966 Hillman Gazelle brochure
(side 2)
produced by Chrysler Australia
owned by Robert Tavener

Note – text fonts and layout are reproduced here in very similar style to the original brochure.

Luxurious Interior.  Fully reclining front seats.

Flashing Performance. 85 bhp sports engine with 5-bearing crankshaft.

Stylish Facia Panel. Easy-to-read instruments, radio optional extra.

Ref:  CHG  4586


Sleekly beautiful outside, the inside fittings of the Hillman ‘Gazelle’ are a joy to the owner.  Reclining front seats are individually adjustable.  Upholstery is in deep foam, with washable trim.  Full-width rear seating has no wheel arch intrusions.  Padded trim runs along both facia and parcel tray.  Walnut panelling surrounds the easy-to-read instrument panel and door-cappings.  Standard equipment includes heating and ventilation system, windscreen washers, headlamp flasher, full carpeting.  Heavy sound insulation gives exceptionally quiet running.

The new 1,725 cc ‘Gazelle’ engine with 5-bearing crankshaft is fitted with an aluminium cylinder head.  Together with Solex compound carburettor, this lifts power output to 85 bhp, delivers sports car performance with high cruising speeds.

Safety is ensured by extra efficient 10.3 in. disc brakes at front and 9.0 in. self-adjusting drum brakes at rear; also by independent front wheel suspension, telescopic shock absorbers and a torsion bar sway eliminator.

Four-speed all-synchromesh gearbox gives smooth, quick changes at all times while steering is precise, road-holding excellent and handling light at all times.  Fully automatic transmission also available as an optional extra.

The Hillman ‘Gazelle’ is a car you will be proud to own and will love to drive.

It is a trouble-free car with generations of gruelling testing behind it on the track and in famous International trials.  Ask your dealer to go over the many fine points of this fine car with you, at no obligation to yourself.


Engine.   Four-cylinder five-bearing crankshaft unit with aluminium cylinder head and push rod operated overhead valves.  Solex compound carburettor.  Bore 3.21in. (81.5mm).  Stroke 3.25in (82.55mm).  Capacity 105.2cu.in. (1,725cc).  Engine develops 85 maximum bhp at 5,500rpm and maximum torque 105.9lb.ft. at 3,500rpm.  Compression ratio 9.2:1.
Ignition.  Coil and distrubutor; centrifugal advance and retard mechanism, vacuum control; Champion N5 sparking plugs.
Cooling system.  Centrifugal pump and fan, thermostatic control. Coolant pressure fed to cylinder head with selective cooling of valve seats, stems and sparking plug bosses.
Clutch.  7½in. Borg and Beck diaphragm spring.  Hydraulically operated by pendant pedal.
Gearbox.  Four forward speeds and one reverse with control ring synchromesh on all forward gears.  Centre-floor gear change is fitted.
Rear axle.  Hypoid semi-floating axle shafts to the rear wheels.  Ratio: 3.89:1.  Overall ratios:  Top 3.89:1;  Third 5.413:1;  Second 8.324:1;  First 13.04:1;  Reverse 13.88:1.
Chassis.  Unitary construction of chassis and body provides exceptional strength and rigidity.
Front suspension.  Fully independent front wheel suspension by means of swinging links and coil springs controlled by double-acting hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and a torsion bar sway eliminator fitted between the lower links.  All greasing points eliminated.
Rear suspension.  Semi-elliptic leaf springs with dual rate characteristics to suit load conditions.  Double acting hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers maintain adequate control.
Wheels.  Five pressed steel wheels with wide base rims.  Four wheels are embellished with polished nave plates and wheel trim discs.  Spare wheel held vertical in well in right-hand side of luggage compartment.
Tyres.  Tubeless 6.00x13in.
Brakes.  Lockheed hydraulic, 10.3in. disc brakes at front with 9in. brake drums at rear.  The handbrake operates through a system of cables and the linkage is independent of the footbrake.
Steering.  Burman recirculating ball type.  Three-piece symmetrical track rod linkage.  No greasing points.  Dished steering-wheel with chromium-plated horn ring.
Petrol tank.  10 gallons capacity positioned beneath luggage compartment floor.
Standard equipment.  Over-riders, heating and ventilation system, wheel trims, windscreen washers.
Weights (approx.)  Unladen (with petrol and water) 2,250lb.
Dry (without petrol and water) 2,159lb.
Main dimensions.
Overall length 164½in.  Overall width 60¾in.  Overall height 58in.
Borg-Warner fully-automatic transmission  (optional extra).  No system is simpler to handle or more completely automatic.  Ask your Dealer for details.
Special accessories  (available at extra cost). A very full and attractive range of accessories is available.  Full details can be obtained from your Dealer.
Colour schemes on application

The Company reserves the right to alter any prices or specifications at any time, without notice, and all goods are sold subject to prices and Conditions of Sale ruling at the time of delivery.

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