EVENKEEL   SUSPENSION   A Technical Illustration of the fine engineering feature responsible for "the most comfortable rear seat ride in car history."

The independent suspension employs a leafspring which literally for centuries has maintained its position on road vehicles as a whole as the most reliable and durable form of spring.  This spring forms the central part of of the structure, being placed transversely below the frame to form the bottom link, and the spring design includes safety features which come into operation in the unlikely event of a breakage of the main leaf occurring.  The layout is completed by means of upper links which form parallelograms, one on either side of the car, with the transverse spring.  These links consist of exceedingly rigid steel stampings and the entire mechanism is equipped with a lubrication system whereby one point on either side only has to be attended to.  Note the BOX-GIRDER chassis frame, seven times as strong as the old channel system.

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