Body Equipment.
Safety all-steel, six-light body, seating seven persons, two on occasional seats which fold away when not required.  Winding partition which can close off the driver's compartment.  Draughtless Ventilation System.  Chromium-plated radiator grill.  Bumpers front and rear.  Triplex toughened Safety Glass throughout.  Built-in self-cancelling Direction Indicators.  Folding arm-rest in centre of rear squab.  Ashtrays at rear.  Cigar lighter.  Two Roof Lamps.  Rear Blind operated from driver's seat.  Quick action handle winders to door windows.  Hinged rear quarter lights.  Pockets to all doors.  Pillar Pulls.  Locks to all doors.  Driving Mirror.  Dual Screen-wipers.  Luggage Grid.  Metal spare wheel cover.

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