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(Audax) Husky Engine Size

Workshop manuals specify a 1390cc engine for all models of Audax-bodied Hillman Husky.  (Not referring here to the earlier Mark I Husky, nor to the later Imp-based Husky).  When the Series I Husky was introduced early in 1958, the corresponding Minx also had a 1390cc engine.  It therefore comes as a surprise to Minx enthusiasts to discover that the Husky didn't make the progression to 1494cc and 1592cc when the Minx did.  Well, there seems to be an exception or two

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My Series III Husky has the same Solex 33 PSEI and black engine (if I got through all the coats of oil).  I thought it was a replacement carb as it was standard in the Minx, but not Husky.  Maybe they were shipped to US w/ larger engine.

Jeff Coen
65 Husky

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According to my USA Husky Series III brochures, for the USA the Husky Series III indeed had a 1600cc engine instead of the 1390cc engine installed for England and Europe.  We (the USA) were not as fuel mileage sensitive as Europe and the better performance was more important here.  A Series III Husky is high on my list of Hillmans that I would like to have!


From: Geir Aspheim [geirha(at)online.no]
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Subject: [HillmanCars] Cob: "Working horse"

From a horse book I've read about cobs as various English horse races, mostly as working kind of horses.  And that's exactly what the Commer Cob is to us here in Norway: A real working horse!  We still have some Cobs left, very nice small "light vans".  Last Friday I drove a 1965 one with 1592 cc engine (exports only!) and a 12 feet camper on the hook behind to Ekeberg swap meet/spring marked in Oslo.

No problem at all with a real working horse!

I think all Huskies were delivered with the 1390 only.

See a Welsh Cob at. http://search.msn.no/results.aspx?FORM=TOOLBR&q=%22cob+hest%22


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