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Hunter Oil Leak

From: Matthew Carroll [matthewc(at)health.usyd.edu.au]
Sent: Thursday, 29 May 2003 4:13 PM
To: hillman@can-inc.com
Subject: "Hillman - " Perpetual Oil Leak - Any solutions?

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We have a 1967 HC Hillman Hunter which has a perpetual oil leak from the bottom of the timing case.  Our mechanic says that this is a common thing with Hillmans and that a proper fix would require removal of the case and re-engineering to fit a seal.

Is there an existing fix to this problem or does anyone know of a company that supplies a replacement cover designed to stop the leak?

Hope you can help.


From: The Becketts [thebecketts(at)optusnet.com.au]
Sent: Thursday, 29 May 2003 5:06 PM
To: Matthew Carroll; hillman@can-inc.com
Subject: Re: "Hillman - " Perpetual Oil Leak - Any solutions?

This message forwarded by the Hillman List.


One of the members of the Hillman Owners Club of Aust sells modified timing case covers that have an oil seal fitted.  The modified cover is sold complete with an alignment tool.  Cost $110.  Contact Les Compton on (02) 9826-7947.  I have one on my Hunter.

He also reconditions track rods and vacuum advance units.  I'm not sure if he still manufactures *much* more efficient heater valves.  I have one of his on my Hunter.  A significant improvement in heat into the car.

Ron Beckett
Emu Plains, Australia

1995 Range Rover HSE 4.6 Litre V8
1994 Ford Probe 2.5L V6
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Editor's note:  Before reading the next message, you will need to know what PCV is.
PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation.  For information about PCV and the PCV Valve, refer to:

From: Terry Allen [hmag(at)ozemail.com.au]
Sent: Thursday, 29 May 2003 7:12 PM
To: Matthew Carroll
Cc: hillman@can-inc.com
Subject: Re: "Hillman - " Perpetual Oil Leak - Any solutions?

This message forwarded by the Hillman List.

Hi again,
          During our time working with Hillmans in our workshop that we sold last year, we modified a few Hillman timing covers with Holden Red motor 6 timing cover oil seals however, in later times, I have found that relieving the internal pressure of the engine by fitting a PCV valve is actually quite a piece of cake & I've found that in all but the most severe cases of wear, it pretty much cuts the leaks outright, without any further mods.
          The easy way to do it is this:
1 drill a hole directly into the plenum of the inlet manifold (unless there is already a vacuum outlet into the plenum for something like a vacuum brake booster).  The hole should be just big enough to push a piece of 3/8" copper tube in with Loctite so you have about an inch hanging out.  The hole MUST be in the centre plenum, NOT on any of the individual branches, to avoid rough idling.
2 buy a PCV valve for a holden Red 6 motor, plus a rubber tappet cover grommet for that valve to fit into the tappet cover on the Holden also, you'll need a length of PCV vacuum hose to run between the tubing I just mentioned & the tappet, where you will be fitting the valve make sure there's enough so that when it's fitted, you don't kink the hose it's pretty hard stuff to kink the hose anyway, but best prepared than sorry later.
3 cut a hole in the tappet cover, ensuring that it is situated between 2 pairs of rockers (best between cylinders 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 not between 2 & 3 because of oil spray), to allow a good fit of the rubber grommet's outside diameter.
4 fit the grommet to the cover insert the valve into the grommet & fit the hose to the valve & the tube you won't need to clamp it, because the vacuum keeps it held in place.
5 start the engine you may find you need to slow the idling just a touch, but that's about it.

          On an exceptionally badly smoking & oil leaking EK Holden grey motor, we found that the oil leaks & the smoke had completely stopped we would otherwise have had to fail it for reregistration, but our mods got it through for 4 years running until the rust finally took it out.
          On my father's Super Minx station wagon, I have this type of setup & prior to having the PCV valve fitted, we had installed a proper oil seal, but it still leaked fitting the PCV valve stopped it leaking dead.
          Hope this is useful.  If you're careful with your drilling, you don't need to even remove the covers.

          Bye for now, Terry Allen

From: Jan Eyerman [jan.eyerman(at)usa.net]
Sent: Friday, 30 May 2003 11:32 AM
To: Matthew Carroll; hillman@can-inc.com
Subject: "Hillman - " Oil Leak

This message forwarded by the Hillman List.

That problem is usually caused by excessive crankcase pressure.  In a US spec car that would be caused by a clogged PCV valve.  Try cleaning everything up and removing the oil filler car and replacing it with a piece of thin, pourouse cloth (stretched over the opening like a drum head and held in place with a hose clamp).  If the problem goes away, find out why the system is blocked.


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