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From: Vic Hughes [v.hughes(at)austarmetro.com.au]
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 8:21 PM
To: Keith Johnson; minx
Subject: Re: "Hillman " Progress????

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By the way I have a 'full' cam spec that was done for me by Wade Cams in Melbourne for an alloy head 1600 fitted with 32/36 Weber and extractors and used for daily driving (yeah the HSC).  I find this spec is an easy drive, not peaky but definitely producing more progessive power than the really mild stock grind.  Can scan/copy and send if interested ....

Cheers, Vic

From: Keith Johnson [keiths55(at)bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 8:56 PM
To: minx
Subject: Re: "Hillman " Progress????

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  That would be of interest.
More important where can I buy such an item.

I have been vacillating about engines for some time.
I was "saving" myself for the right.... opps wrong story :) was intending to use the alloy head Vogue engine in the Rapier or back in the Vogue.
Now I can see that the best home for it is in the Californian with the overdrive attached.
All I need is a suitable driveshaft and a modified gearbox cross member.

Seeing the problems people are having finding the overdrive adaptors I really am fortunate having a complete transmission to play with.
Ignorant people who split the overdrive and transmission and sell the parts separately are only matched by those who have purchased the separate parts not realising that the "joining bits" have been scrapped.
All I need to do is pull the insides out of the Rapier case and fit them into a "sideways" Mk VIII case and bolt the original overdrive on the back.
I don't think Rootes ever offered this option, so it will be a little like the "phantom" bodystyles hot rodders come up with.
The upside is I don't need to cut the floor in my Californian, I can use the original column shift and nobody will be able to tell the difference looking at the car.
PLUS I get better cruising performance and fuel consumption, lower highway engine revs.
The only downside is the alloy head is instantly recognisable as a modification, where an iron head would pass unnoticed.

This has all been a learning experience :)))


From: Vic Hughes [v.hughes(at)student.canberra.edu.au]
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 9:40 AM
To: Keith Johnson; minx
Subject: "Hillman " Cam was Progress????

This message forwarded by the Hillman List.

Keith (and others)

I was going to scan and send you a copy of my cam spec but my scanner won't co-operate so here is an alternative.

If you go to Wade Cams website http://www.wadecams.com/ and click on the 'timing catalogue' button, you go to a screen that allows you to down load a program with their cam catalogue in.  Once downloaded you can click on the 'make' field and get it to find Hillman.  then under "Profile", click on the "find" button and get it to find (profile number) 446B .  This then gives you the full spec including lift, duration, duration at .050, advertised timing, timing at .050, valve lift, clearances, rocker ratios etc. of my cam.

You can also scroll through their other profiles to see the differences.  Hours of fun for the whole family :)

What this doesn't tell you is how suitable a cam is for your own engine set up carbs, exhaust, head, and vehicle use etc.  I found that both Wade and Crow Cams http://www.crowcams.com.au/index.shtml were happy to answer email enquiries about which profile might suit.  (Crow used to have an online questionnaire but it seems to have disappeared from their website.)  If you email them with the make, capacity, carby and exhaust set up, head set up (eg stock or porting, big valves) etc. Plus a realistic assessment of how you will use the car (ie are you really building a track car, or do you really want a useful performance improvement for your daily driver) they will generally be able to recommend the best profile for your needs.

There is nothing worse than a lumpy cam in a car which is otherwise stock no torque down low, and by the time the engine reaches enough revs to make the cam work, the carby can't deliver enough fuel/air mix, or it's being choked by the head design or exhaust manifold.

Cheers, Vic

Another thread begins :

From: offroad707 [iamiaust(at)we.net.au]
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 12:03 AM
To: HillmanCars@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [HillmanCars] Holbay spec Camshaft

Have started prepping the 660 Hunter for historic racing next year and have had the twin 40mm delorto carbies rebuilt.  Carbtech said they jetted them accoring to specs of the Holbay cam.  Is there someone who has recent experience in obtaining a suitable camshaft or would the standard 660 camshaft do.  If all goes well I will build a second engine next year with more headwork etc done but want to try the car on the track before I spend too much money.

It is at present getting the half cage made up and a strut brace from the towers back to the centre of the firewall similar to the London to Sydney cars (at the right price too).

Rod G
yellow safari

From: rhughes(at)actewagl.net.au
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 11:57 AM
To: HillmanCars@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [HillmanCars] Holbay spec Camshaft


When I was rebuilding the Alpine engine, I contacted Crow Cams in Melbourne by email.  Told them what motor I had, what carb/exhaust (one 32/36 Weber and extractors) I was running, what had been done to head (nothing), how the car was to be used (in my case just road use, not competition), maximum rpm I would use and some other stuff.  They provided my with a cam spec which I am pretty happy with, provides good driveability with useful power.  (From memory Graham said it's not that different to a GT cam.)  I reckon for your carb set up and use club racing you should be looking for a wilder grind.

Crow Cams website (with email contact on it) is http://www.crowcams.com.au/index.shtml

Holbay still exist and mention their work on the Rootes motor on their website so it might be worth contacting them for the spec you could still have the cam ground in Aus http://www.holbay.co.uk/index.htm

This website has some specs for English Hunter GLS which supposedly ran twin 40 Webers and Holbay cam


Cheers, Vic

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