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Disk Brake Caliper Rebuild

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All the Rapiers and Hillmans up to the Hunter took the MGB caliper kit, LSSB2602, which are still pretty readily available (I stock them if you can't find them somewhere.)  There is now a major kit that includes pistons as well.  Tip: Do NOT split the caliper!  It's more awkward to leave them bolted together but MUCH safer.  Once upon a time, we could get the Lockheed "Survival Kit" that included the bolts and seals to rebolt a split caliper, but they've been gone for some years, as has BAP/Geon and their brake program.
Actually, I have a story about those kits.  About a zillion years ago I was at a seminar with a rep from British Lockheed.  He was the one that said not to split the caliper unless you had new bolts and seals, which were not supplied with the caliper rebuild kit.  The bolts do not take the torque as well the second or later times, and they can develop a seep, often about six months later when whoever did it doesn't know about it.  So I stuck my hand in the air and said that we couldn't get the bolts and seals over on this side, and he replied, then don't split them!  It was within the next year that the Survival Kits appeared at BAP/Geon and Beck/Arnley, the primary Br Lockheed distributors in the US, so I kind of figure that maybe I had something to do with that.  I also scored a British Lockheed factory book, and when I have a few minutes during the day I'll post the caliper numbers for the Hillmans and MGB.  They seem to be different calipers, because my old Beck/Arnley brake book shows the number for the B but not the Rootes stuff.
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