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State Library of South Australia:

Date: 1952
Summary: Trevor Colwell changing a tyre on the back wheel of his Hillman motor car during a trip in South Australia.
Notes: This appears to be the same car featured in the story & photos sent to us by the Colwell family in 2003 (which incidentally has the shape of a Minx Mk. III or IV, rather than the earlier 1948 model advised by the author).

Cropped & reduced image because the original has copyright.
Date: 1966 or later.
Summary: A Hillman station wagon, registration number RJE-250 parked next to a caravan in a caravan park.  "Seven of us travelled in this car Mum made the curtains & two kids usually slept in the back" Yvonne Thompson.
Notes: Vehicle is a Hillman Minx Series II Estate Car (produced from August 1957 to September 1958).
The number plate was probably issued in mid to late 1966, obviously for a re-registration.
A glimpse of the same car appears in this photo.

Date: 1920
Summary: Evan Kyffin Thomas at the wheel of his Straker Squire motor car, his son Rendel in a Hillman car, and Mrs. Kyffin Thomas (Maisie) standing outside their house at 55 Pennington Terrace, North Adelaide.
Notes: Evan Kyffin Thomas (1866-1935) was the co-founder of the 'Register' newspaper.
The house with front fence is a heritage listed site and still looks the same in 2019, minus the creeping vine.

Date: Approximately 1914
Summary: A line of early motor vehicles at the rear of the Jubilee Exhibition building (i.e. Victoria Drive, Adelaide).

State Library of New South Wales:

Date: 12/1938
Title: 1936 Hillman sedan.
Notes: Slightly different angles are shown at item 18562 and item 18563.

Date: 25/5/1937
Title: [Probably a] Hillman Six-Cylinder Saloon De Luxe.
Notes: May be a Humber or Talbot.

Cropped & reduced image because the original has copyright.
Date: 30 Jul 1955
Title: F. Thwaites in a Hillman Husky arrives in Sydney from London.
Notes: Frederick Joseph Thwaites completed the journey with his wife Jessica Harcourt and their son.  He wrote the book Husky Be My Guide about the experience.
Item 70680 shows the family arriving at Rootes dealer John McGrath Motors (Morgan House, Elizabeth Street, Sydney)

Cropped & reduced image because the original has copyright.
Date: 18 Dec 1968
Title: Daily Express-Sydney Telegraph London-Sydney Marathon (car rally) goes through Hyde Park, Sydney.
Notes: The winning Hillman Hunter driven by Andrew Cowan, Colin Malkin & Brian Coyle.
Item 123838 and Item 123839 show other views of the same car.

State Library of Queensland:

Date: November 1949
Title: Prototype of the Hillman Minx 1949 model with clear perspex panels to view engine and the car's interior.

Date: July 1937
Title: Hillman Minx Saloon arriving from Sydney on an Economy Trial, July 1937.
Summary: Hillman Minx Saloon 1937.  This was the smallest car of the Hillman range, 4 cylinder, produced in England by the Rootes Group.  The car in the photograph had driven from Sydney to Brisbane on an 'Economy Run,' showing the maximum miles the car would cover per gallon of petrol (best fuel economy).  The complete journey was from Sydney to Brisbane and return.  The photograph was taken at the showroom of the Hillman distributor, John McGrath Ltd., located in Wickham Terrace, near the Valley Baths in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.  The car would have been imported or the body assembled in Australia.
Notes: The referred journey was the subject of this 20 July 1937 newspaper article: Cheap Running: Brisbane and Back for 3/13/-

State Library of Western Australia :

Reduced images because the originals have copyright.
Date: 01.10.1954
Title: Perth Royal Show display of Sunbeam Talbot, Humber Hawk and Hillman cars.

Reduced image because the original has copyright.
Date: 1930?
Title: Display of a Hillman Straight Eight for All British Cars Ltd, 870 Hay Street, Perth.
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