Run to Anlaby Station
7th September 2001
Story by Brian Vogt, pictures by Brian Vogt and John McRae

Nine people in 5 vehicles met at Gepps Cross at 10am, and we proceeded immediately to Gawler for a BYO morning tea in the park.  Arrangements had been made with John McRae, to meet him at the Map Kernow statue in Kapunda just after 11am.  We looked at our watches and decided that there was not time for a casual jaunt via the Barossa Valley, so we headed directly for Kapunda.  It was just as well that we did, because John's Hunter 660 was waiting just outside Gawler, like a lion ready to pounce.  He zipped past all of us, and was first to Kapunda.  After a brief chat, Brian signed him up as a new member on the spot.  All of us (including John) proceeded directly to Anlaby Station.  Upon arrival, hostess Gillian Albers gave a short history lesson:
Anlaby was established as a sheep station in 1839, by Frederick Dutton.  (With close friend Captain Bagot, he discovered copper in Kapunda in 1842, and later became the state Premier).  Gillian's husband Hans has a large collection (dozens) of horse-drawn vehicles including a hearse in the stables.  There's even a white Rolls Royce car in one of the stables!  We weren't allowed inside the house, but the little bit we could see through the windows seemed to be furnished in classic mid-1800s style.  After a comprehensive wander around the grounds of the house (using the supplied map), we all headed back to Kapunda for a very late lunch, followed by separate trips home at about 3pm.

The front of the house :

Part of the rear :

A view of the courtyard beyond the house, in clockwise sequence

The stable at right is full of horse-drawn carriages :

The room at left contains a collection of harnesses and bridles etc. :

A white Rolls Royce lives in there :

A Gazelle between two Minxes :

A closer look at Russell Gill's Minx series VI :

A closer look at (what was) Ern & Elva Broughton's Minx series IIIC Australian DeLuxe (ADL) :

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