Paint Codes
for Rootes Cars
during the Chrysler era

Chrysler completed its acquisition of the Rootes group in 1965, and the effects were noticeable in the Australian 1966 models a Chrysler "pentastar" badge was attached to the Minx Series VI and Gazelle (the last "Audax" body cars), and Chrysler Australia changed Hillman paint over to its Valiant range of colours.
In 1967, the "Arrow" series cars (Arrow and Hunter models) were introduced.  Visually, they had no similarity to the Minx and Gazelle models they replaced.

Here's some information supplied by Vic Hughes in Canberra.

From: "Vic Hughes"
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Subject: "Hillman - " Australian Hunter paint codes

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On my '71 HE Hunter, Australian build, there is a narrow metal tag pop riveted to the inner mudguard near the top of the strut which has the code for the paint and trim.  The digits on mine are   TAUB  PSA  4120  WABI.
TAUB probably means Taubmans paints;  PSA I don't know ;  4120 I don't know.    WABI seems to be a two part code indicating the exterior and interior colours.  WA means Alpine White and BI seems to mean Blue Interior.

There is a list of the paint colour codes and their names at this Chrysler club site.
http://www.chargerclubofwa.asn.au/ASP/PaintCodes.asp (since moved to):

I checked today with a local auto paint supplier and they confirmed that WA means Alpine White and that they can make this colour up for me.  The colour is also available in those 150 gram touch up cans that you can buy at most parts places I bought a can and am going to see how close a match it is.  If doing the same, be sure you get the "Mitsubishi" (i.e. Chrysler) Alpine White, listed as being used from 1966 to 1980.  GM Holden also has an Alpine White (it's the colour of my Commodore) and it's quite different.


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