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Hillman Super Minx Mark I
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This is an entirely new Hillman Minx – the outcome of 30 years' experience and world-wide successof the Minx.  Built with all the quality for which Hillman is famous . . . with unrivalled economy and reliability . . . new and youthful in its looks and zestful performance . . . with luxury comfort and great power . . . new road-holding and smooth ride . . . new all-round visibility and safety . . . and compact overall dimensions that conceal a spacious interior.
NEW DRIVING PLEASURE Look forward to a luxury drive – in a beautifully planned driving position, with instruments and controls grouped for ease and efficiency . . . a highly efficient steering unit . . . a ‘dished’ type steering wheel for ease of control and safety . . . steering column gear-change . . . new-type pedal controls . . . a handbrake conveniently placed . . . and a handsome facia panel.
Instruments and controls include: fuel gauge, speedometer with trip recorder, water temperature gauge, warning lights for ignition, oil pressure, headlamp beam and flashing direction indicator – choke control, screenwiper switch, light switch, ignition/starter switch, screenwasher control, heater control.  As optional extras: ammeter, oil gauge, clock, and radio.

Look aheaad and buy a quality Hillman –
for pleasure and economy

White-wall tyres and overriders available as extras

NEW QUALITY COMFORT A beautifully designed interior . . . light and spacious . . . with fine appointments and quality finish. Here you can stretch out and relax, in the deep comfort of contoured seating . . . enjoy horizon-wide views . . . and even, stabilized ride . . . and the tranquility of an interior insulated against noise and vibration.
EASY ENTRY Step into the Saloon . . . or out with natural ease.  The extra-wide doors open to a full right-angle . . . the floor is deeply recessed and the seats are low.  Opening the front doors operates a courtesy light.
ROOMY SEATING Both seats are wide and roomy.  The rear seat is 52 in. wide and free of wheel-arch obstruction . . . the curved rear screen increases generous headroom.  Front seating has 5 in. fore-and-aft adjustment.  Floor is carpeted and armrests are fitted to the rear doors.

A   Wheelbase 101 in.
B   Overall Length 155 in.
C   Overall Width 62¾ in.
D   Overall Height 55¾ in.
E   Ground Clearance 6¾ in.
F * Front Headroom 40¾ in.
G   Front Seat Width 47 in.
H * Rear Seat Headroom 37 in.
J   Rear Seat Width 52 in.
K   Luggage Compartment  
    Capacity 14½ cu. ft.
    Front Track 51½ in.
    Rear Track 48½ in.
    Turning Circle 36 ft.

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