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Hillman Super Minx Mark I
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For keen enjoyment, drive the new Hillman Super Minx . . . feel the eager response of its power-pcaked 1.6 litre engine . . . appreciate the silence and refinement of performance throughout the entire speed range . . . and the easy, safe control.  You're swiftly off the mark . . . with quick acceleration through the gears . . . smooth, obedient power for traffic . . . instant energy for overtaking.  On the open road, you have sustained power for high cruising speeds . . . up to 80 m.p.h. and more.
SAFE, SURE RIDE  The wrapped-round screens front and rear give you perfect all-round vision . . . and a clear view of overtaking traffic.  There's safety in that – and in the stabilized, road-gripping ride . . . all four corners well down as you swing around the bends . . . with safe, progressive braking at all speeds.  On highways and by-ways, you enjoy the steady,smooth travel that comes from excellent suspension.
HIGHLY MANOEUVRABLE  See how easy it is to manoeuvre and park the Hillman Super Minx . . . with the fins, clearly visible through the rear screen, as a guide for reversing.  No bother to garage, because of its trim, compact design.  This is a car to give great satisfaction and pleasure – and quality performance with luxury travel.

NEW DESIGN  Unitary construction of great strength and safety.  Compact, overall dimensions and spacious interior.
NEW POWER AND PERFORMANCE  1.6 litre engine for lively, all-round performance.  Top speeds over 80 m.p.h.
NEW ROOMINESS  Seating for five adults, ample head and leg room.
NEW VISIBILITY  Wrapped-round screens front and rear.
NEW RIDE  Advanced suspension – smooth firm road-holding.
NEW SAFETY  Powerful, progressive braking.  Child-proof locks, padded roll to facia panel and parcels shelf rail.  Built-in fittings for safety belts.
NEW EASE OF ENTRY  Wide opening doors.
NEW LUXURY COMFORT  Contoured, comfortable seating.  Interior insulated against noise and vibration.
NEW DRIVING EASE  High-efficiency steering unit, ‘dished’ type steering wheel, precision gear change.  Easy-view instruments.
NEW MAINTENANCE ECONOMY  Only three greasing points – on steering linkage, propellor-shaft and handbrake cable – for periodical lubrication.
NEW PRACTICAL FEATURES  Luggage compartment with 14½ cubic feet clear space – spare wheel housed underneath.  Two parcels trays.   11-gallon petrol tank.

Long, low, smooth-flowing lines . . .
sweeping all-round vision . . .
bold front end styling . . .
elegant rear treatment.
Modern design at its best . . .
in a Hillman quality car you will be proud to own.


A new 1.6 litre o.h.v. engine of high capacity and power . . . and flexible, lively, all-round performance, with fuel economy.  Develops 66.25 b.h.p.  Features include: high maximum torque for quick acceleration, pistons designed for maximum economy, dry filter air cleaner, self-adjusting clutch operation.  Compression ratio: 7.8:1.
Engine capacity: 1,592 c.c.  Hypoid final drive rear axle unit, with semi-floating has ratio of 4.22:1.  High torque capacity and built-in rigidity ensure efficient operation at all speeds and maximum transmission of power.

Four-cylinder short stroke unit with push rod operated overhead valves.  Bore and stroke 3.21 in. (81.5 mm.); 3.00 in. (76.2 mm.).  Cubic capacity 97.1 cu. in. (1,592 c.c.).  Engine develops maximum b.h.p. 66.25 at 4,000 r.p.m. with 7.8 : 1 compression ratio.
Ignition. Coil and distributor, oil-filled coil; automatic advance and retard and additional vacuum control.
Cooling System. Centrifugal pump and 4 bladed fan; thermostatic control for more rapid warm-up.
Clutch. 8 in. diameter single dry plate, hydraulically operated from pendant pedal.
Gearbox. Four-speed gearbox with light action control ring synchromesh on top, 3rd and 2ndgears.  Steering column gearchange.  Overall ratios
Top 4.22 : 1,  Third 5.877 : 1,  Second 9.038 : 1,  First 14.128 : 1,  Reverse 17.896 : 1.
Rear axle. Hypoid semi-floating design.  Ratio 4.22 : 1.
Unitary construction of chassis and body forming a single structure of immense strength and rigidity.
Suspension. Fully-independent front wheel suspension with rubber bushes and nylon inserts to eliminate greasing points.  Long, wide, semi-elliptic leaf springs at rear give improved lateral stability.
Tyres. Tubeless cushion 6.00 x 13 in.
Brakes. Latest Lockheed two leading shoe system with hydraulic operation; cast iron, 9 in. diameter brake drums.
Steering. Burman recurculating ball type with three-piece symmetrical track rod linkage; Two-spoked dished steering wheel.
Petrol Tank. 11 Imperial gallon capacity.
Weight (approx.). Unladen (with petrol and water): 2,400 lb.  Dry (without petrol and water): 2,301 lb.
Instruments. Speedometer, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge and warning lights for ignition, oil pressure, headlamp main beam and flashing indicators.
Special Accessories (available at extra cost). A very full and attractive rangeof accessories is available, including seat belts, Rootes radio, clock, oil gauge, ammeter, overriders, reversing light, wheel trim discs, etc. Full details can be obtained from your Rootes Dealer.


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