Hillman Minx Series V & VI
and Hillman Gazelle
Photos by John McRae & Brian Vogt

These 3 models all have the same body shape.  They were the last of the "Audax" body vehicles which commenced with "the New Hillman Minx" in 1956 (later designated Minx Series I), and were superseded by the Arrow range (Hunter & Arrow models) in 1967.
The Minx Series V and Series VI appear very similar on the outside.  Main differences :

Minx Series V price: 999 including sales tax (Modern Motor, February 1964)

For a period in 1965, Rootes made an interim model, designated Series Va.  It still had the 15" wheels and 1592 cc engine (albeit producing 5.6 bhp more than Series V), but introduced the all-synchromesh gearbox destined for Series VI.  This model was advertised in Australian magazines for 999 (manual), 1019 with a heater, or 1109 (automatic) including tax.
Australian currency change on 14 Feb. 1966:  1 = $2

June 1966 prices (including sales tax) from Wheels magazine road test:
    Minx Series VI:  $1,998 (manual), $2,218 (Borg Warner 35 automatic)
    Hillman Gazelle: $2,178 (manual), $2,398 (Borg Warner 35 automatic)

Below :  Minx Series VI owned by HCCSA member Beverley Gill

Below :  Hillman Gazelle owned by HCCSA members Barry & Joyce Hall

The Hillman Gazelle was conceived and assembled only by Rootes Australia.  Based on the Singer Gazelle Series VI (itself an extra De Luxe version of the Minx Series VI), it wears the "Hillman" name and has the aluminium head engine produced for the Sunbeam Rapier Series V (91 bhp gross, 85 bhp nett @ 5,500 rpm).  Being the only model ever designated "Hillman Gazelle" it does not have a Series number.
It has a walnut-veneered 7-ply timber dashboard with a circular speedometer, as well as walnut-veneered timber strips along all 4 door interiors.  "Rim finishers" (wheel trims, not shown above) were standard on the Gazelle, and optional extras on the Minx Series VI.
The number plate plinth on the boot is the same as that on the Minx Series VI instead of the Singer Gazelle Series VI.

Click here to see the sales brochure for the Hillman Gazelle.

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