1932-1935 Hillman Minx
(the first Minx models)

Produced:  Humber Road, 1931-1935.  43,306 cars built
General layout:  Separate steel chassis-frame, 4-cylinder engine and wide choice of saloon, tourer and DHC (drop head coupe) bodies.  Front-mounted engine driving rear wheels.
Engine and transmission:  Hillman engine, 4-cylinder, side valve, in-line, 1,185 cc, 63 x 95 mm, approx. 30 bhp, torque not revealed.
At first:  3-speed gearbox, no synchromesh.  From May 1933: optional 4-speed gearbox with freewheel, still without synchromesh, cost an extra 2/10/0.  From August 1933: this optional gearbox became standard, as well as a freewheel on all except the basic model.  From September 1934: 4-speed all-synchromesh gearbox, no freewheel.  Centre-floor gear-change.  Live (beam) rear axle with spiral-bevel final drive.
Chassis:  Beam-axle front suspension, half-elliptic leaf springs.  Worm-and-nut steering.  Live (beam) rear axle, half-elliptic leaf springs.  Front and rear drum brakes.  4.50-18 inch tyres.
Dimensions:  Wheelbase 7 ft. 8 in.  Front track 4 ft. 0 in.  Rear track 4 ft. 0 in.  Length 11 ft. 2 in.  Width 4 ft. 10 in.  Height 5 ft. 9 in.  Unladen weight (saloon) approx. 1,680 lb.
Distinguishing features from previous models:  Completely different type of Hillman compared with previous models, fitted mainly with standard Pressed Steel body shell having family resemblance to original Wizard of 1939 period.
Typical performance:  Maximum speed 59 mph.  Typical fuel consumption 35 mpg.
Derivatives:  1932 Aero Minx used same basic running gear, but sleek sporty bodies.  1935 Minx Magnificent used same running gear, but new chassis and body styles.
Fate:  Discontinued in 1935 in favour of next-generaton Minx Magnificent.

An artist's impression of the first generation Minx, sold in 1932.
The radiator and grille are completely flat and upright.

1934 Minx from 14 November 1933 edition of The Motor magazine (UK).
Minx Family Saloon price 159.  De Luxe Saloon with Clutchless Gear Change price 179.
The radiator grille is slightly tilted and curved.

1934 Minx a poor photocopy from January 1934 edition of Modern Motoring magazine (UK).
The radiator cap is external to the body.

1935 Minx Family Saloon from the 1935 Hillman models catalogue.
The radiator cap is inside the body.

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