Hillman Husky Series I
(1958 1959)

Commencing engine/chassis number A2800001

The Husky Series I is a half saloon, half estate car, resembling the Minx Series II from the front, but with a glazed van-like rear.  The bumpers are different and the trim simpler, in the manner of the "Special" version of the Minx.  The Husky is able to carry 4 people, when required, but the rear seats fold forward, and with a side-hinged rear door, a large storage space is accessed the forerunner of the ubiquitous modern hatchback, in fact!

The Mark version of the Husky had been popular, and remained in production until the release of this model.  The new Husky also received good reviews.  The Motor magazine of 26th February 1958 explained: "Versatility is the especial merit of an estate car, and this latest Husky shows it in large measure.  Either a comfortable four-seater or, when the occasion requires, a van to carry bulky loads, it will do local errands or make long journeys untiringly at quite rapid average speeds, and it has enough rear-wheel adhesion to negotiate steep and slippery country tracks which would defeat a large proportion of modern saloons.  So soon as its fuel consumption can be brought properly into line with that of the heavier Minx (which should involve only minor changes) we will expect this latest Husky to become even more popular than was the preceding model."

Country Life, 3rd April 1958 said:
"The Hillman Husky has all the versatility one would expect from an estate car and its compact dimensions give it advantages over other examples of this type.  Unlike some estate cars, the Husky was completely draught-free.  A stranger to the car is unlikely to guess that it is the cheapest car in the Rootes Group range as the standard of finish is high."

The price of the Husky at that time was only 698.17s (including tax), making it 50 cheaper than the Minx Special saloon and 240 cheaper than the larger Minx estate car.

At the same time, the Husky's cousin, the Commer Cob van changed to the new style.

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