Front cover of the
1935 Hillman Minx models booklet

(Note: all pictures are scanned from the booklet, but the annotation is presented as text in very similar fonts to the originals).

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      Minx family saloon
      Minx Four light saloon
      Minx Foursome drophead coupe
      Minx Saloon De Luxe
      Interior of the Minx Saloon
      Minx Sports Tourer
      Minx Sports Saloon
      Six-Cylinder Saloon De Luxe
      Interior of the Six-Cylinder Saloon
      Six-Cylinder Sports Saloon
      Six-Cylinder Foursome Drophead Coupe
      Six-Cylinder Family Tourer
      Seven-Seater (Twenty-70) Limousine
      Seven-Seater (Twenty-70) Saloon
      Minx Family Tourer
      Six-Cylinder Family Saloon
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