The interiors of the Six-cylinders Models are unique in their class for the amount of roominess they provide . . .

The interior of the Saloon de Luxe, illustrated below, provides an impression of quiet dignity and restfulness :
the wide, perfectly contoured seats are smoothly furnished in fine quality upholstery : the cushions are deep and well-sprung to provide the utmost relaxation.  Footrests are placed at just the right angle to give the maximum of ease, and the legroom must be experienced to be appreciated.  Hillman draughtless ventilation, dual electric screen wipers, windscreen opening right out for fog driving, self-cancelling direction indicators, arm-rests at rear, parcel net, pillar pulls, and many other features are all included in the comprehensive equipment.

The Seven-Seater Models, Saloon and Limousine, accommodate the two extra persons on occasional seats which fold away flush with the floor when not required.  In interior finishings and equipment, in design and roominess, they are luxury cars in everything but price.

To try these cars now, is the most impressive way of appreciating their value.


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