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We have 4 e-mail contact addresses see below.  Regrettably, we can no longer offer hyperlinks to them, because the commercial spammers regularly use automatic web crawlers to harvest e-mail hyperlinks.
If you have a legitimate reason to contact us, please type the address carefully from those provided in the graphical images below.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
E-mail advertising
Permission to send commercial advertising (for either goods or services/events) is expressly denied.
Other car clubs are welcome to correspond with us, subject to the common rules of Netiquette, but very large e-mails will be regarded as spam.  (Unfortunately, some people need to be told. )
Spamming us is your short path onto our Black List, so behave yourself.

Commercial Link Exchange
You are joking.  This is a strictly non-commercial website.

Website advertising space
Sorry, but it isn't ours to sell.
The content belongs to us, but the webspace is supplied by our ISP at a price for non-commercial use.

Spare parts
Unless you are in South Australia, the best place to ask about new and used spare parts is on the HillmanCars internet discussion group.  Several group members have found that eBay can also yield a good find.
Please don't spam the webmaster of this website.
We are a small club, and have a limited range of used parts mostly 1960s-1970s stuff from Hunters, Imps and series Minxes.  (No, we don't have any bits from a 1932 Minx or a 1942 Commer, although we quite enjoy looking at such vehicles).
Personal visits only.  We would like to be helpful, but sending parts around the world is a pain.  (We did it for one person, and it drove us crazy.  Never again).
Please refer to the bottom section of our links page where you might find someone who does it for a living.

Car for sale?
If you are in South Australia (or perhaps Victoria or NSW at a stretch) we might be able to assist in finding a buyer.  Contact our Secretary (see below).
Got a Hillman car for sale in South America?  Please find someone who knows where South America is.  Sorry, but we don't know anybody who lives there, and no Hillman car less than 80 years old is worth the cost of importing it from there.
In all locations, join the HillmanCars internet discussion group to advertise.  Try eBay.

Please direct club membership enquiries and application forms to
The Membership Officer
Hillman Car Club of South Australia Inc
PO Box 467
S.A.   5063
    or send e-mail to the Membership Officer at 
If you have a printer, the quickest option is to print our Membership Application form and post it with a cheque to the Treasurer.
For enquiries about events only, please send e-mail to the Social Events Officer at 
To report problems or suggestions for this website, please send e-mail to the Webmaster at 
No commercial Link Exchange Requests see above.
No e-mail advertising (spam) see above.
No sponsored advertising see above.

Trying to identify a Hillman car in a family photo?  First, check our Identification Parade.
For further help, contact the Webmaster (see above).
Please direct all other general enquiries about the club to
The Secretary
Hillman Car Club of South Australia Inc
PO Box 467
S.A.   5063
    or send e-mail to the Secretary at 

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