2017 Proposed Amendments to the 2011 Constitution of
the Hillman Car Club of South Australia Incorporated


Section 3 (OBJECTS):

1.      Simplify clause (i) – see also simplification of clause (ii):
“To promote and encourage the preservation of Hillman motor cars and derivatives thereof (as determined by membership from time to time) and to provide Conditional Registration to those members whose cars qualify.”

2.      Simplify clause (ii) and move & improve the detail to section 10:
To accept members’ vehicles for Conditional Registration, subject to the restrictions in Section 10 of this Constitution.



1.      Section title changed to use terminology in the 2017 Code of Practice.

2.      Improve clause (i):
“A member may apply for registration (of an appropriate
eligible vehicle) under the above scheme after having completed a minimum of three (3) months membership of the club and having attended a minimum three (3) meetings or functions, runs etc. official club events (meetings, runs, etc.).  These restrictions may be reduced, modified or waived by the Committee only in exceptional circumstances where compliance is impractical, e.g. the member lives in a remote location.

3.      Improve clause (ii):
“Conditions of the above scheme
Code of Practice will apply in all cases and at all times.”

4.      Replace the first 3 words of clause (iii) because annual inspections by the club are no longer required:
Upon renewing membership
Prior to a vehicle entering the Conditional Registration Scheme, it is required that members present their conditionally registered vehicle for inspection by a nominated club official the Conditional Registration Officer or a person appointed by him/her.  Log book and registration papers to be sighted.  Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of conditional registration.”
(The deleted words have no relevance to the new conditions).

5.      Insert a new clause (iv) – moved & improved from Section 3 above:
Vehicles other than Hillmans may be accepted for Conditional Registration only with the prior approval of the Committee, and provided that at all times there are more Hillmans than the total of all other makes combined, on the club’s register of conditionally registered vehicles.



Section 11 (THE COMMITTEE):

1.      Clause (iv) is clumsy, and should be replaced with:
The Committee shall be comprised of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and all other Office Bearers who choose to be included in the Committee.
Extra details moved
& improved to new Section 14 (v) – see below.

2.      Remove clause (v).
The Committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of ten (10) members.
The minimum of 3 is mandated by the new version of (iv) above, and there should not be a maximum.

3.      Remove clause (vii) because it defines the club’s first Committee in 1988, and has no application beyond the 1989 AGM.


Section 14 (MEETINGS):

1.      Clause (i): change one number, and change the period so that only one President/ Committee is accountable for it.
“There shall be at least five (5) four (4) committee meetings and eight (8) general meetings held in a twelve (12) month period ending December 31
following the Annual General Meeting.  Sub-committee meetings shall be held as required or as directed by the Committee.”

2.      Insert a new clause after (iv) – moved & improved from Section 11 (iv):
The Annual General Meeting shall elect as Office Bearers a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and such others that are desirable to the meeting, e.g. Vice President, Membership Officer, Parts Officer, Social Events Officer, Minutes Secretary, Risk Management Officer, News Letter Editor, Conditional Registration Officer.

3.      Insert another new clause, mainly as a reminder to keep registering the Public Officer, as required by law:
The Secretary shall be the Public Officer of the Club under the Act.

4.      Insert another new clause to formalise the election of helpers, as occurred at our 2017 AGM:

Coordinators of other duties may be elected, but shall not be designated as Office Bearers for the purpose of being Committee members.


Section 19 (VOTING RIGHTS):

1.      Clause (iii): prohibit proxy voting at special general meetings, as for other types.
“No proxies shall be allowed at any annual general,
special general or general meetings.”
Clause (i) “Each member present in person shall be entitled to one vote.”
might be interpreted as requiring a member to be present in order to vote.  Let’s clarify the issue.