Change Log

This page documents all significant changes to the website – e.g. new pages added.
Minor changes will not be recorded, so you need to revisit the Events Calendar and Links page.

04 September 2021 Updated TechSpecial.htm – removed links to eBay & Wall Calendars (both pages deleted as redundant).
04 September 2021 Updated DiscussionGroup.htm – complete overhaul to describe the HillmanCars email group at groups.io .
30 January 2019 Created StateLib.htm (Hillman car photos at the State Library websites).
13 November 2017 Created WallCalendars.htm (2018 Calendars).
09 November 2017 Updated Rally2018.htm – replace ROI form with Entry form.
19 April 2016 Created Rally2018.htm (2018 Hillman National Rally – includes links to ROI form & Bulletin).
28 December 2015 Created WiringDiagrams.htm – wiring diagrams from Rootes workshop manuals.
23 August 2015 Updated AboutHillman.htm – added a 1932 newspaper article about the company's 25 year history.
22 June 2015 Updated Membership.htm – added info about PayPal.
22 June 2015 Created ConditionalReg.htm – full overview of Conditional Registration in SA.
19 June 2015 Created AboutHillman.htm – brief overview of the Hillman Motor Car Company.
25 November 2014 Updated ID_MinxSerIIIC_SS70.htm with extra information & new photos of an SS70.
10 November 2014 Removed WallCalendars.htm – Vic now has his own web page for the new 2015 Calendars (added the link to TechSpecial.htm).
19 November 2013 Updated WallCalendars.htm with links to new 2014 Calendars.
26 March 2014 Updated Membership.pdf with the new fees effective from 1 July.
27 July 2013 Created RootesMoss.htm – overview of Stirling Moss & the Rootes Group.
25 November 2012 Updated WallCalendars.htm with links to new 2013 Calendars.
08 November 2012 Updated RootesClubsRuns.htm (Schedule of combined Rootes Clubs' runs).
04 October 2012 Updated Links.htm – added Rego Expiry Date link to Conditional Registration section.
26 July 2012 Updated Links.htm – added a section for Conditional Registration links.
22 May 2012 Created Rally2012_RenmarkableRamble5.pdf (2012 Hillman National Rally newsletter 5 – post-rally).
25 April 2012 Updated GeraldUppill1935Minx.htm – added photos after the complete restoration.
13 March 2012 Created Rally2012_RenmarkableRamble4.pdf (2012 Hillman National Rally newsletter 4).
18 December 2011 Created Rally2012_RenmarkableRamble3.pdf (2012 Hillman National Rally newsletter 3).
04 November 2011 Updated WallCalendars.htm with links to new 2012 Calendars.
31 October 2011 Updated RootesClubsRuns.htm (Schedule of combined Rootes Clubs' runs).
29 August 2011 Created Rally2012_RenmarkableRamble2.pdf (2012 Hillman National Rally newsletter 2).
07 August 2011 Created SteeringWheel.htm (Steering wheel removal on Series Minx & Hillman Gazelle).
02 January 2011 Updated Stamps.htm (Postage Stamps featuring Rootes Group vehicles).
02 December 2010 Updated PaintCodes.htm (Rootes paint colours) – added new info & links, and restructured the link to the colour sample cards.
10 September 2010 Created WallCalendars.htm (2011 Calendars) as a replacement for old calendars info at TechSpecial.htm.
19 May 2010 Created Rally2012_Promotion_web.pptx (PowerPoint presentation to promote the 2012 Hillman National Rally).
03 May 2010 Created TT_FrontWheelClearance.htm (a Tech Tips page about fitting 13" Minx/Gazelle wheels on front drum brakes).
14 April 2010 Replaced Rally2012.htm with full information, now that the Renmarkable Hillman National Rally has been officially announced.
03 December 2009 Created Rally2012.htm for future information about the 11th Hillman National Rally in 2012.
30 November 2009 Created GeraldUppill1935Minx.htm (a Gallery page) and DamyonBrothers.htm (coach builders)
10 July 2009 Created TT_PetrolCaps.htm (a Tech Tips page about Series Minx & Gazelle Petrol Caps).
09 July 2009 Created Tech Tips pages TT_MasterCylinderHoning.htm and TT_SmithsClockPC.htm.
09 May 2009 Added Google search bar on Home.htm.
26 March 2009 Replaced dash panel pictures in ID_Minx1936_1937.htm and ID_Minx1938_1939.htm for clearer distinction between 1938 and 1939 models.
16 March 2009 Created ID_Minx1932_1935a.htm, ID_Minx1932MichaelFord.htm, and ID_Minx1932_1935b.htm, (1932-1935 Hillman Minx identification) as a set of 3 to replace the token 1932 Hillman Minx identification.
23 February 2009 Created RunOrganisersGuide.htm (Run Organiser's Guide).
01 February 2009 Created AxleBreather.htm (the rear axle breather hole).
12 December 2008 Created ID_Minx1940.htm (1940 Minx identification).
19 September 2008 Added to the links in Been There, Done That
(new Flickr photo collections of 1993 London-Sydney Rally and All British Day 2007).
5 September 2008 Changed secretary's address in Contacts Page and Membership Form.
20 March 2008 Created RootesClubsRuns.htm (Schedule of combined Rootes Clubs' runs).
09 March 2008 Created YouTube.htm (Movies at You Tube).
06 February 2008 Added to the story in PPFord1913.htm (Peter & Pauline Ford’s 1913 Hillman).
21 November 2007 Added an article for the 2008 wall calendar in the Technical & Special Features page.
15 October 2007 Rewrote the whole text of ID_MinxSerIIIA_C.htm, correcting a couple of minor errors.
27 September 2007 Created ClubRunForm.doc (club run form for Public Liability Insurance).
27 September 2007 Created TT_BrakeCaliper.htm (a Tech Tips page about servicing disc brake calipers).
03 May 2007 Created ID_UteMkIV.htm (Identification Parade – Commer Mark IV utility).
26 March 2007 Added to ID_MinxSerV_VI.htm – pictures of the Minx Series V & VI dashboards.
25 March 2007 Added to PPFord1913.htm – a picture of the engine and a picture of Pauline & Peter.
Added to PMTav.htm – a rear picture of the 1937 Minx.
22 December 2006 Created PPFord1913.htm (Gallery page for a 1913 Hillman).
18 November 2006 Renovated ID_HuskySerII.htm (model identification).
Replaced a rough picture with photos of David & Michele Coatsworth's Husky.
05 November 2006 Created TT_TrimRemoval.htm (a Tech Tips page about removing stainless steel trim).
21 October 2006 Created TT_Polarity.htm (a Tech Tips page about changing electrics to negative ground).
17 September 2006 Created CommerTS3.htm (Commer TS3 Truck and Engine).
Created ID_Minx1936_1937.htm (Minx model identification).
Created ID_Minx1938_1939.htm (Minx model identification).
08 August 2006 Changed the Secretary's name and address in the Contacts and Membership Application pages.
30 May 2006 Created TT_GearboxOil3.htm (another Tech Tips page about Series Minx gearbox oil).
19 May 2006 Created Lib31_1.htm (sales brochure for Hillman Super Minx Mark I from the library).
10 April 2006 Created TT_FuelTankCleaning.htm (a Tech Tips page about removing ancient fuel residue).
02 April 2006 Created TT_Restoration.htm (a Tech Tips page about restoring the engine and other parts).
15 January 2006 Created VIS.htm (1966 Rootes Vehicle Identification Schedule).
15 January 2006 Removed the counter from the Home page, as it hasn't worked for a very long time.
07 December 2005 Created ID_UteMkVIII.htm (Identification Parade – Hillman & Commer Mark VIII utility).
06 December 2005 Added a Google Earth placemark tour to RootesFactory.htm.
30 November 2005 Created ID_HuskySerI.htm (Identification Parade – Husky Series I).
30 November 2005 Created ID_HuskySerII.htm (Identification Parade – Husky Series II).
30 November 2005 Created ID_HuskySerIII.htm (Identification Parade – Husky Series III).
13 October 2005 Created TT_GearboxOil2.htm (a second Tech Tips page about gearbox oil).
12 October 2005 Created TT_Plastics.htm (a Tech Tips page about cleaning and mending plastics).
28 September 2005 Created TT_PartsSuppliers05.htm (a Tech Tips page about resleeving hydraulic cylinders).
26 September 2005 Created TT_RegulatorFaults.htm (a Tech Tips page about fixing voltage/current regulator faults).
23 September 2005 Created TT_FireHazard.htm (a Tech Tips page about a dangerous electric cable problem in Hunters/Arrows).
05 September 2005 Created TT_SmithsClock.htm (a Tech Tips page about repairing Smiths clocks).
29 August 2005 Created new document HillmanMinxMaintenance.pdf (Minx Series IIIB maintenance schedule) and added a link to it at TechSpecial.htm.
30 June 2005 Split the discussion of auto parts suppliers into 3 parts, and added a new Part 4 TT_PartsSuppliers04.htm.
18 June 2005 Changed e-mail alias names in Contact.htm.
17 June 2005 Created Kernewek2005.htm ("Kernewek Lowender cavalcade of cars and motorcycles" report).
05 June 2005 Created Paint1a.htm (ICI paint colour samples for Rootes cars, 1957-1966).
14 April 2005 Replaced the old "Models Identification" page with a bigger and better
"Hillman Minx, Gazelle & Husky Model Identification Parade" ID__minx.htm.
16 March 2005 Created TT_FuelTuning.htm (a Tech Tips page about choosing fuel type and tuning your engine to suit).
16 March 2005 Created this Change Log page.
15 March 2005 Created TT_GaugeFaults.htm (a Tech Tips page about locating faults in dashboard gauges).
12 March 2005 Added 2 photos of Bill & Lorna Waite to their feature page BillWaite.htm.
07 March 2005 Created TS3.htm (Commer TS3 page featuring the well-liked graphic animation).
20 February 2005 Added Barry Guy's story to the photos of his 1955 Commer truck BGuy.htm.
14 February 2005 Added a photo of Jim Withers to TT_PartsSuppliers.htm.

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