Hillman Minx Series IIIC Special (1962)
sales brochure

Engine.  Four-cylinder short stroke unit with push rod operated overhead valves.  Zenith downdraught carburettor.
Bore and stroke 3.21 in. (81.5 mm.); 3.00 in. (76.2mm.).
Cubic capacity 97.1 cu. in. (1,592 c.c.).
Engine develops maximum b.h.p. 56.5 at 4,100 r.p.m. with 7.8:1 compression ratio.

Ignition.  12 volt battery housed under bonnet, oil filled coil; distributor embodies automatic advance and retard and additional vacuum control.  Champion N5 sparking plugs.

Cooling System.  Centrifugal pump and four bladed fan; thermostatic control for more rapid warm-up; pressurized radiator; selective cooling by jets of exhaust ports and sparking plug bosses.

Clutch.  8 in. diameter single dry plate, hydraulically operated from pendant pedal.

Gearbox.  Four-speed gearbox with light action control ring synchromesh on top, third and second gears.  Centre floor gear change is fitted.
Overall ratios.  Top 4.22:1,  Third 5.877:1,  Second 9.038:1,  First 15.816:1;  Reverse 21.088:1.

Rear Axle.  Hypoid semi-floating design.  Ratio 4.22:1.

Unitary Construction of chassis and body forming a single structure of immense strength and rigidity.

Front Suspension.  Fully independent front wheel suspension employing silico manganese coil springs and swinging links.  Telescopic shock absorbers housed down the centre of the coil springs maintain effective control.  A torsion bar sway eliminator is fitted between the suspension lower links.

Rear Suspension.  Semi-elliptic leaf springs with dual rate characteristics to suit various loading conditions.  Telescopic type shock absorbers.

Wheels.  Five pressed steel wheels with wide-base rims.  Spare wheel held vertical in well on right-hand side of luggage compartment.
Tyres.  Tubeless cushion 5.60 X 15 in.

Brakes.  Latest Lockheed two-leading-shoe system with hydraulic operation; cast iron, 9 in. diameter brake drums; 121 square inches of lining area.  Handbrake at side of driver's seat operates mechanically on rear wheels.

Steering.  Burman recirculating ball type with three-piece symmetrical track rod linkage.  Two-spoke steering wheel.

Petrol tank.  7 Imperial gallon capacity positioned below the luggage compartment floor.

Weights (approx.).
Unladen (with petrol and water):  2,237 lb.
Dry (without petrol and water):  2,172 lb.


Special Accessories (available at extra cost).  A very
full and attractive range of accessories is available,
including Rootes radio, clock, oil gauge, ammeter,
overriders, reversing light, rim finishers, etc.  Full details
can be obtained from your Rootes Dealer.

The Company reserves the right to alter any prices or specifications at any
time, without notice, and all goods are sold subject to Prices and Conditions
of Sale ruling at the time of delivery.

A Wheelbase 96 in.
B Overall Length 162 in.
C Overall Width 60 in.
D Overall Height 59 in.
E Ground Clearance 7 in.
F Front Headroom 38 in.
G Front Seat Width 47 in.
H Rear Seat Headroom 36 in.
J Rear Seat Width 50 in.
K Luggage Compartment Capacity 13 cu. ft.
Front Track 49 in.
Rear Track 48 in.
Turning Circle 36 ft.

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